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C2B Register URL giving internal server error (500)

<p>Hi, I have been trying for more than a day to use the test API to register a pair of C2B URLs.<br />
However, each time I post I get the following error:</p>

"Envelope": {
"Body": {
"Fault": {
"detail": {
"source": {
"errorcode": "steps.servicecallout.ExecutionFailed"
"faultactor": {},
"faultcode": "soap:Server",
"faultstring": "Execution of ServiceCallout SCO-AddURLVault failed. Reason: ResponseCode 500 is treated as error"
"encodingStyle": "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/"

Since this is an internal server error, I am assuming that the issue is not on my end. Can anyone offer insight? Thanks!