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EndPoint For Lipa Na Mpesa missing during GoLive Application selection List
Hello, I have a problem with finding Lipa Na Mpesa Api under selection options when applying for the GoLive step 3(OTP Confirmation) So In the Reseller Club app __important, I have selected both options [Lipa Na Mpesa Sandbox, Mpesa Sandbox] in the Edit "Reseller Club" of the app edit's page. Okay, I have two apps on this account; 1. Reseller Club (Important: problem is with this one) 2. resellerClub (Crap: created to re-affirm this problem) Now when I get to the application process, under step 2(Verification) I have used : short code. Then proceeded to entre the required  OGC=>*, ON=>* MUN=>* Then on display to select I find only Transaction_Status among others. My requirement is for both (transactionStatus and LNPO(push & query)). Now advice accordingly with respect to me Integrating my TillNo.=* from ShortCode=*. Note:I have already access to the mpesaOnlinePortal with the same account I'm using with the needed roles on this username, I'm receiving the OTP correctly. So, can you kindly check what is wrong with this account(above 1.) or the apps that I have created in this account. Your prompt feedback will be appreciated. regards,