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How to use M-pesa web and get M-pesa web browser certificate in Windows 10( without windows xp and Internet Explorer 6 or 7)
NB. The text editor upon publishing this guide removed all the formatting. Kindly pardon the look and feel. This guide will help you to setup Internet Explorer in Windows 10for purposes of getting SSL Client Certificate Request for M-pesa Web and future logins/operations on the M-pesa Web. By default and as a requirement M-pesa web documentation states that you need Windows XP as your Operating System (and NOT Windows Vista) and Windows Internet Explorer version 6 or 7 as your browser.   The problem presented by these requirements is that Windows XP and IE 6/7 are outdated and no longer supported by Microsoft. Again you might have upgraded or be using Windows 10 which comes with Microsoft Edge as the browser. Virtualizing Windows Xp in Windows 10 is a long tedious process and might not eventually work.   The problem is that the current M-pesa web (https://vmtke.ca.vodafone.com/certsrv/) will NOT work with Microsoft Edge and any attempt to use Edge you will get a warning and an error when you try to submit the Request form.   WARNING: You are not using Internet Explorer. This application will not work correctly.     ERROR: This site says.... This page has not finished loading yet.....blah..blah.blah           So this guide will show you how to use M-pesa Web using your Windows 10, Turn on the IE 11 feature, configure your IE 11 so that it can emulate IE 7.     First things first.     1. Ensure that you have submitted all the paperwork and required documentation to Safaricom and your application and account details have been activated. Your account and approved details will be required in the request form for the SSL certificate.     2. Ensure you have your  username and password for https://vmtke.ca.vodafone.com/certsrv.If not follow the guide or send a blank email toM-PESACertpassword@safaricom.co.ke and you will receive an automatic reply with the username and password.     STEP A. Turning on IE 11 in Windows 10 using Turning Windows on or off feature     1. Open your Control Panel and navigate to Programs and Features.     2. On the left panel click on the Turn Windows Features on or off and open it.     3. In the opened Windows Features window, Check the Internet Explorer 11 box and click OK. It might require a restart if everthing is OK (not sure on all machines).     4. Repeat Step 2 and confirm the IE 11 is checked. If not checked, double click the check box until it prompts for an UNINSTALLATION, then restart your machine, repeat 2 and 3 to TURN it ON again and restart your machine. This happened to me. Everytime I would check the IE 11 it would remain unchecked later. Hence I had to unistall and activate it again as described.     5. After the restart, navigate to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer  and look for iexplore.exe. For easier furture navigation, Right Click it and select Create Shortcut. This will create a desktop shortcut for your future use.     6. Now you can open your Internet Explorer 11.     STEP B. Configuring IE 11 to emulate IE 7 that is required for M-pesa Web.     Open your IE 11 and enter the URLhttps://vmtke.ca.vodafone.com/certsrv/ to open M-pesa web page  and enter your username and password.     1. Press Alt + X or Press f12 or navigate to Tools Menu --> F12 Developer Tools     2. It should open a panel of developer tools on the lower part of the browser.     3. Press Ctrl + 7 or navigate to EMULATION tab of the open panel on the lower part of the browser.     4. Set the Document Mode to 7, Broswer profile to Desktop and User agent string to Internet Explorer 7.     The M-pesa Web page should work fine now and the blue "WARNING: You are not using Internet Explorer. This application will not work correctly." should disappear including the pop up error.     NOTE: Always remember you have to set your IE to IE 7 as shown in STEP B above every time you open the page afresh or you had closed the browser or refresh the page.     Leave any questions of clarifications in the comments section.