SPID correlator error.

It means, there was a previous register URL done. This URL needs to be deleted for new ones to be registered.

Kindly send an official mail to apifeedback@safaricom.co.ke and request for new URLs to be registered.


How do I re-register URL’s

Kindly send mail to apifeedback@safaricom.co.ke indicating the paybill number and the both old and the new URLs you want to register


No paybill verification data found

This means that you are either using the wrong paybill details, paybill is not active or you are using a child paybill.


Under verification, the help toolkit shows "7 Digit Short Code” and the paybill no. is only 6 –Digits

7 digits is the maximum number, 6 should be able to work as well


Can you integrate using child paybill number?

No, it is not possible.


Bad Request - Invalid InitiatorName

Client using the wrong initiator name provided.  Should copy and paste the one provided on the test credentials.


The verification fails for some reason:

I have a till number and I was never given an online portal because I transact using my phone. How can I request for approval to production on this?

Send mail to m-pesabusiness@safaricom.co.ke and request for access.



How do I generate a token on sandbox?

Kindly go to the API menu

  1. Under the list of API click on the OAuth API
  2. On the right, click on the GENERATE TOKEN
  3. Scroll down to the Query parameters and click on the HTTP BASIC
  4. On the pop up, enter your Consumer key and Consumer Secret (This are found under my app, view app details tab, Keys)
  5. Save to set authentications
  6. Click on send this request button
  7. Your requests will be generated and access token available below on tab “Response”


Getting error in callback response - Invalid Input parameter 'Prompt message prefix', length should be less than 94 characters

You need to shorten Account reference and transaction description to around 10


'APP not created' in production

Organization name is either too long or has a space in between


How long do I wait for you do activate my validation?



How do I get SSL certificate –From any trusted CA