Note the following that needs to be done on M-PESA portal:

  1. If you are not a Business Administrator or Business manager role you will need to create a business manager role and log in in order to activate it and thus edit the KYC.
  2. If the status for the user is still “pending active” it means you have not logged in with your user credentials. You will need to log in with the user credentials you created in order to activate the user account.
  3. Click on search then organization,
  4. On organization enter your organization Short Code and click search,
  5. Under operators select your preferred operator and click on the details tab on the right of the name,
  6. On the KYC tab you will see the details tab on the far right,
  7. Click and edit the preferred contact phone number under personal details in format 254XXXXXXXXX,
  8. Go down under contact details and change preferred notification channel from email to SMS,
  9. Click on submit and it will save, now try generate OTP again.